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design plus is our revolutionary cloud-based desktop publishing tool which enables easy text editing of Adobe InDesign files via any web browser – without the need for InDesign.

Graphic design teams, marketing teams and advertising agencies will all benefit from using our creative translation tool, design plus because of its ability to be used via web browser, which means no extra license fees to pay when localising and reviewing content. design plus uses our secure cloud-based environment to send an INDD or IDML file for review in any web browser.

An occurring issue regarding creative translation tools and desktop publishing is after having designed a beautiful-looking document in Adobe InDesign, the file and text copy then needs to be signed off by a colleague or customer. If the colleague or customer doesn’t have InDesign (or doesn’t know how to use it), what’s the best approach?

Reviewers – who need no knowledge of InDesign and do not need InDesign to be installed on their systems – can see a live preview, edit text so it is exactly how they want it, and save their changes so that the InDesign file is updated.

Furthermore, with the automatic red-box marking system offered by design plus, reviewers can even see if text changes will result in overflow beyond the bounds of a text frame, and make changes accordingly giving you a unique creative translation platform.

design plus enables reviewers to have a 100% accurate view of what the text will look like alongside the images and with full formatting. Not only that, InDesign documents can be exported into numerous other formats including PDF, SWF, XFL, XML and many more.

For the designer of the original document, who can download the updated version on completion of review, there is peace of mind in the knowledge that the InDesign document cannot be “broken”, and that no time is spent copying and pasting text, or trying to decipher reviewers’ comments, or having to repeatedly transfer files backwards and forwards.

design plus is an integrated desktop publishing component of i plus, our cloud-based language management system. Our pricing fits all types of clients. The monthly subscription is based on the number of users accessing design plus:

1 to 599.00119.00169.00890.001,090.00
6 to 20249.00290.00419.002,290.002,690.00
21 to 50349.00419.00589.003,190.003,890.00
51 to 100449.00539.00759.003.990.004,990.00
100 +NegotiableNegotiableNegotiableNegotiableNegotiable
We offer a 25% discount on all the above subscriptions for clients of our translation or interpreting services.

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  • INDD and IDML supported
  • Preview function updated in real time
  • Files can be downloaded/exported to multiple formats
  • No need to buy InDesign licenses
  • Accessible via any web browser – even on an iPad
  • Encrypted security with customisable access levels
  • Trusted creative translation agency

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