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One of the reasons for the “plus” in translate plus is that we support numerous functions beyond translation. For many of our clients, we work closely with technical writers and other authors, either as part of an overall create–translate–publish workflow, or on a standalone basis, where translation may not be involved.

You may already be creating content in a highly optimised way, using open standards such as DITA and working in specific authoring environments such as Structured FrameMaker, Author-IT, Madcap Flare, RoboHelp, XMetaL or Skribenta. If so, translate plus can support the localisation of these formats, with an awareness that help content, technical manuals, user guides and other documentation types are frequently intended for multi-channel, multi-format output. For example, you may be creating content which will be destined for Windows desktops via .chm files, HTML online help and downloadable PDFs; we can handle the build and output testing as well as the translation, ensuring that TOCs (tables of contents), indexes and search functionality behave as expected, whatever the target languages or platforms.

If you have a preference for the localisation workflow – for example, using Flare’s Lingo module versus handing over complete .flprjzip project files – we will tailor our service to your requirements, bringing our expertise and recommendations to bear where we believe improvements could be possible.

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