Automotive translation

The automotive supply chain from initial design through to component manufacturing, product assembly and finally sales and marketing, involves a wide range of people and services. Such a broad, yet highly technical industry demands an equally specialised language services partner to accommodate such complex requirements and provide automotive translation and user manual translation solutions.

Our in-house Desktop Publishing department work with our automotive clients to deliver ready-to-publish translated files, simplifying your automotive translation process and shortening your time to market.

Whether it’s a user manual translation, or mechanical translation we also offer a range of automotive translation solutions for the localisation of OBD (on-board diagnostics) and other software UI content.

We offer a complete automotive translation of web or brochure content, CAD drawings, e-Learning material or user manuals. translate plus is a software-independent translation company which supports all file types, ranging from Microsoft Office applications to InDesign, FrameMaker, CorelDRAW and CAD-based applications.

Accuracy is king, as complex and precise mechanical drawings, designs and documents are shared between stakeholders with a range of languages within the workflow. At translate plus our dedicated team of expert translators for the automotive industry come from a mechanical and technical background, ensuring they have the necessary understanding, terminology and attention to detail that such technical projects require.

The types of files we usually work with for our clients within the automotive industry are:

  • Operating instructions and user manual translation
  • Engineering and design drawings
  • Quick reference guides
  • Service and installation manuals
  • Software and online help
  • Performance specifications and parts lists
  • Training material and e-learning modules
  • Product catalogues and brochures
  • Presentations and tenders

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Our clients say

"Thanks to you and your team for the excellent work and quick turnaround."

John Harrison, Road Marketing Manager

The Met Office