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translate plus launches new multilingual SEO package with Novicell

translate plus and Novicell, a full-service digital agency with marketing and strategy specialists, have launched a comprehensive multilingual SEO package that is designed to improve your digital marketing strategy across all search engines and markets.

Using in-country linguists who are subject matter experts as well as SEO specialists, translate plus and Novicell bring together years of language expertise and digital knowledge to help you increase online visibility and put your content in front of your chosen target audience.

We achieve this through a service that combines all multilingual SEO aspects such as:

We also provide back-translations of your selected keywords and commonly used alternatives to help you better understand the terms your target audience uses in their own language when searching for your products online.

Clients of this service can also benefit from other features of our powerful translation management system, i plusĀ®, including review plus for review and approval of translations, and term plus for an enhanced focus on terminology.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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