Video localization

Video localization is the process of adapting multimedia content to make it ready for your chosen international market, taking into consideration cultural, social and economic factors. This does not only entail translating content but also adapting the all-round feel, look and sound of the video, to ensure that the message creates the desired impact. Therefore, before this process begins, it’s vital that the target audience is clearly understood so that all those involved with the process are able to communicate the brand message without offending or alienating the intended viewer or listener. It’s also essential to ensure that the new content fits well with any existing material.

Getting video localization right is imperative: getting it wrong could result in a business losing substantial revenue, and could expose the company as negligent in not taking the time to research the all-important cultural nuances of the target audience. Assumption should be avoided: although you may mean to show you can relate to the viewer, it may instead come across as stereotyping.

translate plus have years of experience working with global clients, such as Google and Mondel?z, to engage users worldwide through video production. We understand that engaging content, cultural and social factors, as well as brand consistency, are key to the success of your video localization project. We cover more than 200 languages, working only with mother-tongue linguists who have an in-depth knowledge of the target culture and language as well as the subject matter in question. This helps to guarantee high-quality content which will be well received by your audience.

We’re able to localize all aspects within video, including images, on-screen text (OST), voiceover or audio, subtitling, animation and more. Our team utilizes qualified voice artists, state-of-the art equipment – including our own recording studio – and software such as ScreenFlow, Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects and Captivate. We’re able to conquer any challenges that you may have, such as ensuring that once content is translated and character length increases, the OST and end production still look sleek and transition well between frames and scenes.

For more details on exactly how we achieve this, take a look at this video, which we produced in-house, about the work we do for Google.

translate plus are a one-stop-shop for your video production projects, saving you time and money. We can integrate with your existing translated content and create electronic glossaries so that for future projects, your key terms will be re-used, maintaining consistency and saving you money. As an ISO 17100-certified company, our thorough QA process means that we go through several steps of checking the quality of all content, including seamless accessibility for your in-house reviewers. Through our cloud-based translation management system – i plus® – you will have a 360° view of all of your language projects, pending and completed alike, along with reporting functionality so that you can easily assess your current expenditure.

  • Multilingual content
  • Full multimedia suite
  • Highly qualified linguists
  • Rigorous QA checks
  • Saves time and money through integration with i plus
  • Highly engaging multimedia content for international audiences
  • Maintains brand consistency across various languages
  • One supplier for complete process reduces time-to-market

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