Multilingual SEO, PPC and keyword translation

With more of your customer base online than ever before, digital marketing is the fastest growing and arguably the most important strategy to engage with your customers. Technologies such as Google analytics allow you to turn terabytes of browsing information into manageable and usable data for driving sales and growth through SEO (search engine optimisation), SEM (search engine marketing), and PPC (pay-per-click). But how can you use these tools effectively to take your business global?

In order to effectively compete on the internet, you must be sure your sites and PPC campaigns are optimised to appear favourable in search results within every market and language you are targeting. This is not a matter of simply translating your domestic keyword list to achieve the same online results as your home market. To engage with the right audience in the most relevant search results, keywords and web content must reflect the culture and linguistic nuances of your global customers within their local markets.

Using linguists who are specifically trained and experienced with SEO, SEM and PPC campaigns, we offer a range of services to help you increase your search ranking, relevancy of keywords, click-through rates (CTR) and conversions, whilst retaining your brand voice and consistency. Using in-country linguists, we achieve these results through a selection of services:

  • Keyword and text localisation
  • Keyword and text transcreation, including descriptive copywriting
  • Highlight local relevant words or phrases not already included
  • Analyse competitor keywords in relevant markets
  • Use latest search tools such as Google AdWords, or whichever engine is most widely used in your target market, for testing
  • Retain brand names or protected terms from your glossary
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  • Specialist, trained “search” linguists who understand local market and browser’s “mindset”
  • Optimisation for most widely used search engines (Google, Bing, Weibo)
  • Comprehensive service: website translation, keyword extraction and localisation, and SEO
  • Most relevant information for target audience
  • Appear in most relevant searches
  • Higher click-through rates (CTR)
  • Increased ROI

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