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The Client

Hogan Lovells, a top 10 global legal services provider, offer a comprehensive range of commercial legal advice to a multinational client base. They act on complex, multi-jurisdictional transactions and commercial disputes for the world’s largest corporations, financial institutions, and government entities.

The Challenge

The litigation department required millions of words of a highly confidential and complex nature, across a variety of file types, to be translated within very tight deadlines. The content was highly specialised and to make sure that consistency could be guaranteed, translate plus had to apply translation memory technology to all files – achieving significant savings for the client – whilst delivering on time.

The Solution

The litigation department required millions of words of a highly confidential and complex nature, across a variety of file types, to be translated within very tight deadlines.

Our legal operations team appointed a highly experienced Team Manager to supervise a group of Project Managers solely dedicated to this particular case for Hogan Lovells. The team encompassed legal terminologists, legal QA checkers and legal proofreaders, in addition to a core group of highly experienced translators, for the nine-month duration of this highly confidential project. A customised virtual data room – part of our secure i plus translation management system – was made available to Hogan Lovells to assist in project tracking and document control.

We received tens of thousands of files – and many different file types, including Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, JPG, DAT and MSG to name but a few – on a weekly basis from Hogan Lovells. Due to the large size of these files (including spreadsheets each containing hundreds of thousands of words, with mixtures of translatable and non-translatable rows and columns), even the most robust “out of the box” translation memory software on the market combined with the fastest processing power kept crashing when analysing the files in order to leverage translation memory.

Our internal software development team therefore created custom code to extract only the translatable text into a unique proprietary file format, before automatically handing it over to the memory application for analysis. This not only accelerated the quoting and translation stages but also allowed us to seamlessly import the translated text directly back into the original files in a very timely manner – meaning that we saved the client a huge amount of time and money.

In addition, we created customised utilities for automatically re-formatting Outlook message files into landscape-format A4 Word documents, and for batch-renaming thousands of files in accordance with Hogan Lovells’ internal document-naming conventions – add-ons to our translation services which greatly assisted the client with their document management requirements.

The Benefits

Hogan Lovells received high-quality and consistent translations across all file types within the very tight timescales demanded by the case. Due to our in-house technical capabilities and software-independent set-up, the development of custom code for the client enabled us to significantly augment the use of translation memory – which resulted in Hogan Lovells saving tens of thousands of pounds on the cost of translation. This also guaranteed that file structures were as reliable as the linguistic quality, ultimately meaning that Hogan Lovells could rely on translate plus to ensure their case submissions were made on time.

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