Advanced Integration with Plunet for FLSmidth


The Client

FLSmidth is a world leading supplier of services and equipment to the cement and minerals industries, covering everything from single machinery to complete processing facilities. From their humble beginnings in 1882, their drive for innovation and excellence has led to them becoming an international industry leader now operating in more than 50 countries around the world. They have greatly developed their portfolio from originally working with steam engines and mill machinery to now offering 34 product brands such as: FLSmidth MAAG Gears; FLSmidth Knelson for gravity concentration; Essa® for the international minerals and mining industries; along with many more.

The Challenge

A large company such as FLSmidth operating in many countries with highly technical products needs a reliable translation company who can manage complex translations, especially into Russian, which accounts for a large proportion of their projects. They also have requirements in a further 25 languages including Polish, Turkish and Swedish, resulting in millions of words per year. Their previous suppliers were expensive and as FLSmidth require up to 20 jobs per day, it is important for them to work with a company who deliver high quality translations at the right cost. Not only did they want a translation supplier, but it was imperative to find a company with expert knowledge of complex CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools. Finally, as an innovative provider themselves, FLSmidth was not looking just for a standard supplier but also a sparring partner to discuss technical ideas and experiences with other vendors for knowledge sharing.

The Solution

A large company such as FLSmidth operating in many countries with highly technical products needs a reliable translation company who can manage complex translations, especially into Russian...

FLSmidth currently use Plunet – a web-based tool for translation workflow and business management – so our in-house technical team created a specialised solution to work seamlessly with their existing system. As a software-independent company, translate plus have the flexibility to work with whichever systems our clients prefer, thereby creating a customised solution which is best for them. FLSmidth’s manual process for data transfer resulted in unnecessary time spent by project managers downloading disparate pieces of content and metadata relating to the translation process. We identified this as an opportunity to increase efficiency.

Our team developed a highly automated system to replace this manual interaction, which accomplishes the following within 1 minute of receiving a notification of a new job: it downloads and checks the source file(s), creates a new job with all key project details, opens translation memories to analyse the source file, automatically creates a quote if needed and alerts our project manager. This system checks for notifications instantly on arrival of a request so every project can be dealt with right away.

The linguists we work with are specialists in FLSmidth’s industry with a minimum of 5 years’ proven experience and only translate into their native language. As a highly valued client, we have a dedicated project management team for FLSmidth, ensuring all projects are quickly and efficiently managed and any queries are dealt with promptly.

The Benefits

This integrated solution has resulted in several benefits for FLSmidth. Firstly, it means that their employees can still use the same processes, therefore not needing to spend time learning how to use new systems and focusing on creating content. The automated solution saves a huge amount of time for administrative processes leading to faster deliveries. The biggest benefits relate to cost savings, due to a flexible process, competitive rates and translation memories, and also because of our advanced abilities of using CAT tools.

As we only work with translators in their native language, all languages we translate into for FLSmidth are of high quality and consistent with the source documentation.

A combination of these factors has resulted in a long-term partnership which we are very proud of. We are not only a translation provider but also a trusted partner assisting with any technological questions and vendor queries which can help FLSmidth develop.

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