Announcing the translate plus Sitecore connector

Published on november 18th, 2016

sitecore translation

translate plus are excited to announce that we’ve developed a revolutionary module for Sitecore®, the preferred content management system (CMS) for a large number of our clients, which enables editors and administrators to simply and efficiently get content translated.

As a global top 50 language service provider by revenue, we’re heavily focused on technology, understanding first-hand how it transforms the production and management of projects. That’s why we continue to invest in developments such as the translate plus Sitecore connector. This easy-to-use plug-in enables Sitecore users to send, receive and monitor translations directly within Sitecore – there’s no need to copy-and-paste, manually import/export XML, switch to another application, or worry about how to create or update translated versions of your Sitecore items.

Benefits of using the translate plus Sitecore connector include:

  • Significant development and administration cost savings
  • Users stay in their familiar Sitecore environment                        
  • Turnaround times can be cut by 80% or more
  • Risk of manual copy-and-paste error is eliminated                       
  • Users never lose track of translation status

Taking your content global has never been easier. The Sitecore connector can be installed in seconds via Sitecore’s installation wizard, and you’re ready to go.

A clear administration page allows you to remove any unwanted items or languages prior to submission for translation, to add specific deadlines or comments, to see which items are currently being translated, and to apply translated items to your Sitecore structure.

Sitecore connector administration page

A recent survey by CSA found that 87% of consumers who cannot read English do not buy products or services on English-language websites. The survey also concluded that 55% only purchase on websites where information is written in their language and 56% either spend more time on sites in their own language than they do in English, or avoid English-language URLs altogether.

That means you could be missing out on a large pool of potential customers by not translating your website content. We have been in the game long enough to know that if clients want to get the best audience reaction, their website needs to be optimised to suit their global target markets, and using our Sitecore connector makes this easy!

To find out more about this cost-effective solution contact us now!

Sitecore® is a registered trademark of Sitecore Corporation A/S in the U.S. and other countries.
i plus® is a registered trademark of Translate Plus Limited.

Posted on: november 18th, 2016