Software development

Through our software translation and software localisation services we have extensive experience of working with various formats such as .resx, .rc, .properties, .strings or .po files, or perhaps your own custom XML structure.

Our software translation service provides localised versions of the formats above which will function seamlessly when dropped back into your application, either directly or via a source control system such as Subversion of Team Foundation Server.

Unlike the translation of documents or websites, where the user experience is relatively linear, software translation and software localisation requires a different approach, because the functionality of an application or game depends on user input and some level of interactivity.

This means that, as a developer or IT architect, you need to consider how to internationalise your product in a way which will lead to an efficient localisation workflow, especially when it comes to version-to-version updates and the all-important testing process.

Software localisation tools to rely on

If you already use a software localisation tool such as Alchemy Catalyst, Passolo, QT Linguist or easyTRANSLATE/easyGUI, translate plus can support and improve your existing processes, handling packages from these various applications.

Where appropriate, our software translation tool can combine these implements with the use of traditional software translation memory to ensure full consistency with associated help content – which may be created in Flare, RoboHelp or other formats where you may not be using tools such as Catalyst or Passolo.

Finally, if you’re being asked to localise your application for the first time, you may find that the UI content is hard-coded into the source code, as concatenated strings and inline text, which may pose difficulties with localised word order and grammatical changes during the translation process.

Whether you work in C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Java, HTML 5, Flash, Objective-C, Python, Ruby or any other platform or language, we can assist you in making the necessary changes which will lead to major time and cost savings without “disrupting” your program logic and presentation.

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Our clients say

"We've dabbled with translation in the past but we haven’t had much success until we met you guys."

Kate Berrio, Senior Program Manager


Our clients say

"I would recommend translate plus to be a translation partner. All our experiences with translate plus have been very positive. We appreciate the professionalism and timely deliverables from translate plus. All the projects were delivered on time and the quality of the translation was excellent."

Vickie H

Mondelez International