Procurement & purchasing

With our procurement translation services we automate our workflow as much as possible so that we can offer fantastic turnaround times and to make savings which we pass onto our clients.

We’re fully aware that some procurement departments work with more than one procurement translation supplier – we understand the benefits but it can also create a lot of challenges.

Our centralisation fact sheet explains the hassle-free process we use when centralising a client’s procurement translation workflow from multiple suppliers to just one, and all of the benefits you will experience as a result. For example, centralisation of your translation projects could promote brand consistency with all translations being carried out using the same LSP.

Within a procurement platform you’ll want to find the best supplier for your company. Keeping costs down will be just one factor to consider – our procurement translation services guarantee the highest quality results at very competitive prices.

If your company requires all purchases, including services, to be made through a procurement platform, our in-house technical team are on hand to set this up, ensuring peace of mind and an ordering system that your colleagues will already be familiar with.

To find out more about our procurement translation services, read our WMF case study and how we integrated with their e-procurement platform to deliver outstanding results without them needing to change a thing.

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Our clients say

"We've dabbled with translation in the past but we haven’t had much success until we met you guys."

Kate Berrio, Senior Program Manager


Our clients say

"I would recommend translate plus to be a translation partner. All our experiences with translate plus have been very positive. We appreciate the professionalism and timely deliverables from translate plus. All the projects were delivered on time and the quality of the translation was excellent."

Vickie H

Mondelez International