Market research translation

Our market research translation services can provide questionnaire translation, monolingual and multilingual audio and video transcription, as well as back-translation of verbatims (responses to open-ended answers) and interpreting services for focus groups and in-depth interviews.

Market research clients such as Kadence International, Instantly, AIP, Future Thinking, Norstat and GfK, benefit from the use of our world-leading translation management system, i plus. This cloud-based platform will streamline your translation requests, ultimately saving you time and money.

The full range of our market research translation services is extensive and includes the translation of surveys, discussion guides, stimulus materials, concepts and questionnaire translation. The services also boasts integration with third-party applications such as Confirmit, Qualtrics and CATI tools.

Market research is a key component of effective business strategy – never more so than when competing in an international marketplace. To translate market research effectively it is important to target multiple geographies. It’s vital that all information is correctly translated, interpreted and represented to ensure the success of company decisions which will affect your competitiveness.

Our market research translation services will support you by involving different linguists with the relevant specialist knowledge within each target market. We can efficiently translate interview content and provide you with the most accurate information for your analyses.

Working with a network of over 11,000 linguists, translate plus can deliver your results in over 200 languages.

Regardless of the size or deadlines of your project, translate plus will always deliver high-quality results. We are independently certified to ISO 9001 and 17100 standards, meaning that we adhere to, and indeed exceed, internationally recognised quality norms for market research translation services.

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Our clients say

"We've dabbled with translation in the past but we haven’t had much success until we met you guys."

Kate Berrio, Senior Program Manager


Our clients say

"I would recommend translate plus to be a translation partner. All our experiences with translate plus have been very positive. We appreciate the professionalism and timely deliverables from translate plus. All the projects were delivered on time and the quality of the translation was excellent."

Vickie H

Mondelez International