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translate plus Sofia celebrates Baba Marta day

baba marta

On the 1st of March of each year, Bulgaria celebrates the beloved tradition of Baba Marta Day (Bulgarian: Баба Марта, “Granny March”). Baba Marta Day holds deep cultural significance in Bulgaria, as it marks the arrival of spring and the end of winter at the same time.

On this day, people give and receive small adornments made of white and red yarn called “martenitsi” (singular form: “martenitsa”), to wish good health, prosperity and happiness to those who wear it.

For this year’s celebration, translate plus Sofia contributed to a charitable event hosted on the TimeHeroes platform. This annual event, organised by the NGO Foundation “Our premature babies”, aims to collect “martenitsi”, which are handmade by volunteers and distributed in moral support to families with premature babies in neonatology departments across 30+ hospitals in Bulgaria.

The translate plus team in Bulgaria decided to join in on this initiative in February, and donated their time and craft skills in support of this great cause – a true testimony of our global teams’ commitment to supporting local communities and those in need.

A craft station was set up at the Sofia office with all the materials and instructions needed for our team members there to join in, no matter if they were expert “martenitsi” crafters or if it was their first go at it.

The craft station in the translate plus Sofia office for Baba Marta Day.

Our team’s dedication in supporting this wonderful cause and the families with premature babies was immensely reflected in the beautiful crafts they made and donated. The team were also honoured to receive a special certificate from the NGO Foundation, recognising their efforts and good intentions! Behold:

Certificate given to translate plus Sofia for the involvement in the annual charity event.

This recognition inspires us to continue supporting great causes and to keep giving back to our communities as much as we can!

Read more about our commitment and efforts in supporting the linguistic and the wider community on this page and join our referral programme to help us give back.

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