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How much do you spend on Adobe InDesign licences? Do you need reviewers to proofread text in InDesign but without “breaking” the formatting? We have the solution that will save you time and money! design plus is our revolutionary new cloud-based tool which enables easy text editing of INDD files via any web browser – without the need for InDesign.

Reviewers – who need no knowledge of InDesign and do not need InDesign to be installed on their systems – can see a live preview, edit text so it is exactly how they want it, and save their changes so that the InDesign file is updated. With the automatic red-box marking offered by design plus, they can even see if text changes will result in overflow beyond the bounds of a text frame, and make changes accordingly. The images and formatting can’t be altered, so you can rest assured that any design work will stay exactly as it is.

If you would like to arrange for a demo of this exciting software or have any questions about any of our other technology or services, contact us today.

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