translate plus and Across Language Server: a seamless language service solution

Published on June 7th, 2012

translate plus have chosen to partner with Across, makers of the translation memory platform Across Language Server. This partnership ensures customers using Across Language Server can benefit from the high-quality language services provided by translate plus.

Managing a translation workflow that involves multiple users, formats and timelines can be extremely challenging. Across Language Server allows customers to access a central platform capable of managing all of their corporate language resources and translation processes, presenting each job within an easy-to-control, continuous supply chain.

As a licensed partner running Across Language Server v5, translate plus have the knowledge and expertise to integrate fully with our customers using the Across platform – allowing them to seamlessly manage their requests from project setup to final deliverable, making use of the stringent quality assurance and technical know-how of translate plus.

This versatile approach enables translate plus customers using the Across platform to set up a highly efficient workflow, as the process automation allows both internal and external resources to interact in real time. Translation memories and glossaries are continually updated and can be reviewed directly by the customer, ensuring a uniform working environment for all stakeholders.

At translate plus we know that each customer is different. This understanding forms an integral part of our corporate philosophy, helping us to identify the challenges that our customers around the world face on a day-to-day basis. So we’re as happy working with a direct integration via crossGrid as we are using imported/exported .gwu and .gru packages.

As a standard part of our process we offer tailored support, including your own dedicated account manager, alongside an experienced Across project manager and customer-specific translator team. We are also proud to ensure full transparency with regard to our pricing – there are no hidden costs, and with Across Language Server you have real-time access to word-count breakdowns from the translation memory.

With our track record of successfully integrating a wide range of back-end systems such as CMS, DMS and e-Procurement platforms, and our diligent memory and terminology management using crossTank and crossTerm, the partnership between translate plus and Across represents an unbeatable combination.

Contact us if you run Across Language Server, or if you are considering using it and want to find out more about what translate plus can do for you.

About us

translate plus are a leading language services provider specialised in the localisation of documentation in various sectors, including engineering, manufacturing and automation technology, robotics, electronics, biotechnology, medical and microsystems engineering – and many more. With more than 10,000 in-house translators and freelance linguists worldwide, we translate into over 200 languages.

The types of documentation that we typically localise for our customers include complex file types in terms of layout (InDesign, FrameMaker, AutoCAD), but also terminology (20,000+ terms per language combination/customer), such as operating instructions and user manuals, patents and patent applications, training material and e-learning modules, product catalogues and brochures, and web content.

Posted on: June 7th, 2012