The women power behind translate plus

Published on April 21st, 2022

At translate plus, we are deeply committed to creating a healthy and inspiring work environment where our staff can feel safe, thrive and progress regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or social status.

We are very proud of the fact that women have always been an indispensable part of translate plus’ core, and a leading and inspiring force within the company.

The women power behind translate plus
translate plus’ core – infographic design by Monika Pisarova.

The majority of the translate plus staff are women. Strong and independent, they play a vital part in leading all the business decisions and activities – from the Board of Directors to each function and division of the company.

Historically, translate plus have been promoting a fair policy in line with the given responsibilities and nature of every role. 54% of higher management, 62.5% of mid-management and 67% of the general population are female, and their salaries are in line with the male staff.

Global Growth Director Svenja Muller

We encourage our employees, male or female, to lean in, speak out, have a voice and make a difference in the workplace and our industry. This is a particular trait within the organisation that I was drawn to 12 years ago. If you are willing to step up and choose to be in the spotlight, you will find ample opportunities for growth and will enable others around you to grow with you”.

– Svenja Muller, Global Growth Director at translate plus.
Elena Raynova Account Management Lead translate plus

“The past 3+ years at translate plus have been a fantastic adventure. The company is continuously evolving and presenting new opportunities for personal and professional growth, allowing people to try their hand at different things and shape their career path as they see fit. There’s a wonderful Sheryl Sandberg’s quote that says that careers are a jungle gym, not a ladder and the nurturing environment at translate plus perfectly illustrates this – if you see something you like, go for it and learn by doing it.”

– Elena Raynova, Account Management Lead at translate plus.
Global Process Manager translate plus

“I started at translate plus in 2016 on an entry-level position right after completing my MA degree. Since then, I’ve climbed up the ladder in the Operational department changing quite a few roles starting from Project Manger, Team Manager, Operations Manager and now Global Process Manager. My path was dynamic, often challenging and always exciting. Nonetheless, throughout all steps, I was provided with encouragement, guidance and the tools to succeed. translate plus is a company that appreciates personal capabilities and seeks to grow talent from within.”

– Maria Ivanova, Operations Manager at translate plus.

Our corporate social responsibility efforts including promoting diversity and inclusion at all times and a kind attitude toward the environment, our colleagues and our partners, are outlined on this page and you can also read more about the translate plus company culture here.

With a strong and culturally diverse workforce, working across all of our offices worldwide, we embrace and champion diversity in the translate plus family.

We provide exciting career progression opportunities and HR trainings including Leadership Development training programs, as well as friendly Employee Benefits Schemes, Service Recognition Plans, opportunities to join the company’s different internal Committees and much more. We have recently published a number of exciting positions on our Careers page. These include an opportunity to join our successful Sales & Marketing department as a Business Consultant or our Transcreation and Production department as a Transcreation Account Manager. Both positions are located in the UK. There is also an opening for a Software Developer (C#, ASP.NET CORE and SQL) to become a member of our IT & Development team.

To join our ever-growing global workforce and the translate plus culture, check out these opportunities and if one of them is of interest to you, please apply via our Careers page.

Posted on: April 21st, 2022