The Blackpool Comedy Carpet

Published on October 7th, 2011

translate plus have been part of the team behind the unique Blackpool Comedy Carpet, to be officially opened on 10 October 2011.

The Comedy Carpet – part of the multi-million-pound regeneration of Blackpool, in north-west England – is a remarkable homage to over 850 of the best comedians and writers who have made Britain laugh. Situated in front of the world-famous Blackpool Tower, the carpet is crafted from granite and concrete, with over 160,000 individually cut letters. Covering a staggering 2,200 square metres, it showcases hundreds of comic catchphrases, quotes and one-liners from films, TV, radio, variety theatre and music hall.

With so much text in such a highly visible public context, where every letter is literally “set in stone”, accuracy and attention to detail were paramount – which is where translate plus stepped in. Proofreading, in over 180 languages, is one of the many linguistic services offered by translate plus, and we checked every word on the carpet – and the accompanying guidebook – to ensure that the lettering was correctly set and that the text matched the exact orthography and phrasing of the original source material, whether written or spoken. With a wide range of colloquialisms, regional terminology and deliberate mis-spellings – such as in the classic Two Ronnies’ “Mispronouncers Unanimous” sketch – this was a task which required painstaking care and attention, whilst sticking to the planned budget and deadlines. We’re proud to be able to say that translate plus have helped to realise such a unique and exciting project, which is being officially opened by legendary comic Ken Dodd on 10 October.

For more information about the Comedy Carpet – created by artist Gordon Young, with typography by Why Not Associates – visit For more information on proofreading and the other linguistic services offered by translate plus, please contact us now.

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Posted on: October 7th, 2011