translate plus successfully pass their annual ISO audits 2014

Published on October 8th, 2014

As an ISO 9001, EN 15038 and ISO 14001 certified company, translate plus are subject to annual audits carried out by independent auditors. We are very pleased to announce that after time spent in our offices and going through various work processes and documentation, the auditors for all three certifications have confirmed that translate plus continue to comply with the requirements of the above mentioned standards and continue to be fully certified.

The ISO 9001 quality management system helps to continually monitor and manage quality across all company operations. The world’s most widely recognised quality management standard, it outlines ways to achieve performance and service.

ISO 14001 is a standard designed to help organisations of all sizes put in place processes in order to control their environmental impact. This is measured in a number of different areas, such as energy use, waste management, recycling and sustainability.

We are particularly proud of our EN 15038 certification, since it is the only internationally recognised standard for translation services, covering the core translation process and all other related aspects involved in providing the service, including quality assurance and traceability. Unlike some translation companies, who choose to “self-declare” compliance with the requirements of the standard, translate plus have been independently certified by an external auditor. This means that regular audits are carried out to assess that the necessary quality measures are in place.

We will not stop here and are already preparing for ISO 17100, which will soon be a new international standard for translation services. EN 15038 forms the basis of what will become ISO 17100, so they will be similar – but the new standard will have even more emphasis on the qualification requirements of various resources such as translators, revisers, reviewers, proof-readers and project managers. It also requires having a process in place for handling client feedback for assessment of their satisfaction, and any appropriate corrective actions. We have all of those processes in place and as independent quality benchmarking is very important to us, translate plus will take the necessary steps to gain certification under the new international standard ISO 17100 once it becomes available.

If you are interested in finding out any more about our credentials, or information about any of our services or technical solutions, please contact us now and we will be happy to speak with you.

Posted on: October 8th, 2014