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Novicell & translate plus seminar on international SEO

When it comes to multilingual SEO, it is crucial to understand the cultural and linguistic nuances of your target audience, as well as their online interests in their market. Working with experienced multilingual SEO consultants will help you achieve this, to ensure you get your international SEO strategy right at an early stage.

On Thursday 7 November 2019, translate plus Global Growth Director Svenja Müller and SEO guru Kenneth Wernst from Novicell will be discussing the benefits of international SEO, localisation and translation in a seminar organised by Novicell.

Sayaka Soma, Digital Marketing Manager at Excedo, will also join them to talk about Excedo’s experience working with Novicell and translate plus and how international SEO has helped their business expand globally.

The seminar is ideal for senior marketing professionals and digital specialists who wish to find out more about the different aspects of international SEO, while gaining an insight into how businesses can improve their SEO strategy.

This seminar is free to attend. To register, click here.

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