translate plus a Top 3 LSP (UK & Ireland) – Nimdzi 2023 geo rankings­­

Published on June 9th, 2023

Nimdzi has published its first ranking of the top language service providers (by revenue) per geographic region, recognising translate plus as the 3rd largest provider in the UK and Ireland.

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Based on the Nimdzi 100 ranking of the largest LSPs in the world and their listings of the premier mid-market language service providers with revenues of over $3 million, these new rankings by Nimdzi focus on 10 geographic areas. These are: North America, South America, the Nordics, DACH, France and Benelux, Southern Europe, Easter Europe, Asia and the Middle East as well as the UK and Ireland where translate plus appears in the top 3.

“The UK is still the largest single-country market for language services in Europe so we are delighted to hear that Nimdzi has recognised translate plus as one of the UK’s (and Ireland’s) top language service providers. Our clients are looking to us for strategic partnership in support of their own commercial and strategic growth targets. Advancements in AI will make content creation more efficient and scalable, which all language service providers need to embrace. In this environment, human interactions become even more important in the form of brand guardianship, strategic sales consultancy and effective vendor management.”  

– Svenja Müller, Global Growth Director @ translate plus.

translate plus also ranked #9 globally in the 2023 ‘Nimdzi 100’ earlier this year, and #7 in CSA Research’s 18th annual industry report, which also presents a listing of the largest language service providers by revenue worldwide.

Nimdzi is a global leader in market research and consultancy, looking at the global language services market as a whole. In addition to their geo rankings and Nimdzi 100, they have recently shared a graph showing the market split by language service and 2023’s segment leaders. In the graph, translate plus appears as a top provider for translation and localisation; transcreation and content creation (including video); as well as, for language testing and quality assurance.

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Posted on: June 9th, 2023