New translate plus plug-in for CorelDRAW®

Published on April 10th, 2012

The latest addition to our i plus translation management system is a plug-in for CorelDRAW® which enables the fastest and most cost-effective localisation of CorelDRAW® files.

Files designed in CorelDRAW® (such as .cdr, .cdx, .cdt and .cmx files) typically pose localisation problems due to complex artwork, 2D and 3D content and multipage layout, leaving language service providers struggling to work with the translatable text in an efficient and safe manner or, crucially, to use translation memory technology. This means they run the risk of missing content, damaging the files, and delivering inconsistent translations – as well as wasting large amounts of time on copying and pasting instead of translating or quality checking.

The translate plus plug-in for CorelDRAW® is a powerful software application designed to localise CorelDRAW® files with efficiency and ease, using batch-processing and automation of formatting to handle text content created in CorelDRAW® versions 7.0 through to X6 (16.0). As a software-independent language service provider, we are committed to developing our in-house software solutions to anticipate and support the growing market of tools used by our clients, so that we can offer tailored integration solutions which will generate the best results. To date, translate plus is the only language service provider in the world to offer a fully integrated solution for CorelDRAW®.

All this means that customers of translate plus can expect a higher-quality service, with reduced risk and inexpensive processes for CorelDRAW® translation requirements. Use of the plug-in greatly reduces the time needed for localisation – by up to 90% – resulting in equally spectacular savings in terms of costs, due to the tool’s integration with translation memory technology and the minimised need for reformatting work.

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Posted on: April 10th, 2012