Latest audited annual report shows a growth of 300%

Published on April 11th, 2017


translate plus’ latest audited annual report shows a growth of a whopping 300%, unveiling an impressive earnings (EBITDA) jump to GBP 1.26 million.

The translation agency also broke through the USD 10 million revenue mark in its financial year 2015/16, dramatically improving profitability.

translate plus director Robert Timms said: “From a profitability point of view, we invested in the development of increased internal automation and focused on the global clients who need tech-enabled solutions on a large scale, and have put in place a strategy to ensure this level of profitability is sustainable.”

Robert suggested that there is no single client that aided the revenue growth, it was thanks to the company performing particularly strong in the creative/advertising and IT sectors.

The translate plus co-director added that the focus is on in-person sales through up- and cross-selling by account managers

Posted on: April 11th, 2017