Jabra partners with translate plus to achieve superior localisation results

Published on September 3rd, 2012

To completely update an organisation’s online presence across multiple content styles and languages is a vast and potentially high-risk task – something that award winning headset creators Jabra are very aware of. As part of the so-called “Juice Project”, translate plus and Jabra have been working together, integrating translation services with Jabra’s CMS platform, Sitecore, to ensure the timely delivery of the highest quality translations coupled with strict brand consistency across 15 languages.

Jabra are one of the world’s leading suppliers of hands-free communication solutions and, as with any multinational brand, they had previously struggled to achieve consistency throughout their online messaging. When it came to updating their local websites, including any technical documentation such as user guidelines, they found that translate plus could offer not only a superior quality but were also able to assure consistent brand and technical terminology through the creation of server-based glossaries and style guides.

With over 200,000 words to translate into 15 languages, totalling over 3,000,000, it was essential that Jabra were in control of the whole process. Thanks to the integration of their CMS platform, Sitecore, with i plus – the translation management system from translate plus – Jabra were able to seamlessly manage the transfer of data, access their translation memories and glossaries online and see real-time reports on the progress of the project.

Having submitted a range of alternative sample translations so Jabra’s country managers could approve individual translators, translate plus worked with Jabra to implement an additional level of quality assurance by training an internal team of reviewers for every language. Michael Harboe, Online Marketing Director said, “We are extremely pleased with the work translate plus have done so for us so far. They have been able to tailor a solution that fits our specific requirements and we are looking forward to our ongoing work together.”

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Posted on: September 3rd, 2012