translate plus software localisation solution with Alchemy CATALYST  

Published on November 2nd, 2022

software localisation solution

At translate plus, we provide end-to-end localisation solutions for software and app translations, with either custom translation tools or by utilising the most recent versions of packages such as Passolo and Alchemy CATALYST.

Our CATALYST translation solution now supports all latest major features and enhancements of Alchemy CATALYST. Alchemy CATALYST is a visual localisation environment that supports every aspect of a localisation workflow.

Having already supported a broad range of software in the industry for many years now, Alchemy CATALYST pushes innovation further with its latest version that comes with various updates and newly-introduced features. These include the Project Manager and Duplicates Expert, as well as the Validation Results Pane.

More information about our software localisation approach can be found on this page. To discuss your project’s localisation needs in detail, please submit your request via the contact form on the same page and one of our Localisation Consultants will get back to you.

Posted on: November 2nd, 2022