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translate plus listed in Nimdzi’s top interpreting service providers for 2023, ranking #3 in the UK

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We are excited to announce that translate plus has been included in Nimdzi’s ranking of the largest interpreting service providers in the world for 2023.

Part of the ‘2023 Nimdzi Interpreting Index’, Nimdzi’s ranking of the top interpreting service providers is based on revenue deriving from interpreting services only.

translate plus has previously appeared in Nimdzi’s Interpreting Index watchlist, but this is the first time we were featured in their ranking, securing a spot among the largest interpreting service providers in the world (#25), as well as 3rd place for the UK market!

“It is great to see that translate plus has been recognised by Nimdzi as one of the world’s, (and the UK’s #3), top interpreting service providers by revenue! We are very proud of the work we do for our clients in this realm, keeping up with a growing demand for hybrid projects requiring both on-site and remote interpreting”Adrian Metcalf & Umer Nizam, Managing Partners at translate plus.

Excerpt from ‘The 2023 Nimdzi Interpreting Index’:

UK-based translate plus is one of Europe’s top language service providers by revenue. The company has a diversified client base, specializing in the manufacturing and marketing industries.[…].

Source: Nimdzi Insights, LLC.

Besides their ranking, the Interpreting Index also offers a look into the overall market and future growth of the interpreting services industry. According to Nimdzi, the interpreting services industry is expected to grow to $10.7b this year and reach $13.6b by 2027.

In addition, Nimdzi examines the current key trends driving the industry. From a shift towards multilingual event management and an equal demand for both remote and on-site interpreting to advances in machine interpreting as well as investments in and the adoption of speech-to-speech translation technologies.

For more information on our interpreting offering and on what we do for clients requiring such services, please visit this page.

To discuss an interpreting project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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