Software localisation

Our software localisation services feature our own custom software translation tools as well as off-the-shelf packages such as Passolo and Alchemy Catalyst – where we have the highest editions available to fully localise apps and traditional software for Windows, Mac/iOS, Android and Unix-based systems.

Our software translation tools also work with more specialist programs such as easyGUI/easyTRANSLATE and QT Linguist for adapting the GUI (graphical user interface) of embedded systems for medical devices, testing equipment and point-of-sale terminals.
In addition to communicating the meaning of the source language, it’s important to follow the norms and conventional expectations of software users in the relevant locale, and to ensure consistency between the translated user interface (the menu items, messages, buttons and other on-screen text) and accompanying documentation such as help files, screen shots and manuals.

Mobile apps and games must target and adapt to many different device sizes, alongside more traditional desktop environments – so screen space is always a technical limitation which needs to be incorporated into the software localisation process, to ensure that software translation strings fit the available space in popup menus, dialog boxes and other visual or touch-input elements. And don’t forget the non-visual aspects of software localisation: audio prompts may also need to be translated.

Not sure where to start with your software localisation?

If you’re approaching software localisation for the first time, translate plus can advise you on the options for the internationalisation process – for example, when considering “externalising” strings to resource files or assessing font support for multilingual character sets.

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Software localisation features
  • Custom localisation tools as well as off-the-shelf packages
  • Work with the highest software editions available
  • We work with more specialist programs
  • Guidance on the best localisation solution for your needs
Software localisation benefits
  • Flexibility regarding software translation tools used
  • Tailor-made solutions via our in-house tools
  • Knowledge and expertise to understand your complex requirements
  • Peace of mind with thorough software QA testing

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