Mastering & distribution services

Once you’ve spent the time creating your content, recording the audio and editing it for the most professional results, the final stage is to make use of our mastering and distribution services. Mastering ensures your audio is of the highest quality, able to be played in any format in a range of environments and still sound great.

You may have recorded multi-language versions of your audio and now need these files to be “tidied up” to a professional standard using an audio editor, then subsequently put together in a format your customers will enjoy.

Our fully equipped editing studio is located in London, giving us the best possible selection of talented mastering engineers with the best audio editing equipment offered at very competitive rates. As each audio editing project is unique, we prefer to select those who have direct experience within your industry or with your specific type of request, to guarantee the best possible results.

Our professional audio editor solutions means that we work with all audio files and formats, including CD, analogue reel tape and WAV files, and are happy to deliver in whichever format you prefer.

Whatever your project, we will work with you to find out exactly what your desired objectives are, and then our audio translator team of technicians will get to work. We ensure that the final result is the highest quality recording from our editing studio and in keeping with your specific requirements.

Why not take a look at our other multimedia services? As well as our mastering and distribution services, we can help you cover every aspect of the production and recording process: script writing, translation, recording and editing.

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Audio editor features
  • Compatible with all audio file types
  • Delivered in the format of your choice
  • Full audio editing and mastering suite available
  • Hand-selected mastering engineers
Audio editor benefits
  • High-quality audio editing results
  • Mastered to your specific requirements
  • Distributed for any device
  • Multilingual support available

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Our clients say

"We've dabbled with translation in the past but we haven’t had much success until we met you guys."

Kate Berrio, Senior Program Manager


Our clients say

"I would recommend translate plus to be a translation partner. All our experiences with translate plus have been very positive. We appreciate the professionalism and timely deliverables from translate plus. All the projects were delivered on time and the quality of the translation was excellent."

Vickie H

Mondelez International