Creating a bespoke integration solution for efficient workflows and brand consistency


The Client

Founded in Turkey in 2012, FlexKom create innovative e-commerce and m-commerce platforms that allow shoppers to receive rewards in affiliated stores. They have rapidly developed, quickly gaining over 3 million customers internationally. This forward-looking company specialises in a combination of local retail and online commerce and their model has been so successful that they now have offices in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium, France and Macedonia.

The Challenge

As one of the market leaders in their field, FlexKom were looking to expand into new markets and to extend their online presence rapidly, thereby maintaining their competitive advantage. For FlexKom’s growing global client base, they needed translations in 13 languages, including Arabic, Greek, Polish, Slovak and Slovenian, with very tight turnaround requirements and a need for strong brand identity.

Additionally, FlexKom have various other documents such as licensing and sales agreements, corporate handbooks and e-mail templates, which all require translation too.

Most of FlexKom’s web content is stored in three separate databases with different characteristics; they had previously been unable to integrate these databases with other systems for easy localisation. While their front-end system and applications database did have easily exportable content, their custom-built back-end system did not support exports, so all translation work had to be carried out directly in the database: translators had to log in and complete translations manually online.



The Solution

As one of the market leaders in their field, FlexKom were looking to expand into new markets and to extend their online presence rapidly, thereby maintaining their competitive advantage.

As a software-independent company, our in-house technical team specialise in developing bespoke solutions for our clients. For FlexKom, we were able to create a process for integration between their databases and i plus, our cloud-based translation management system, so that new strings could easily be extracted for translation into the desired target languages and then pulled back into the relevant database after localisation. Through i plus, FlexKom were able to centralise all their requirements in a user-friendly platform, giving them a 360o overview of all their translation projects, an integrated review process, and 24/7 access to glossaries.

Terminology is key to maintaining consistency and as part of our standard implementation process, we quickly established key industry, technical, stay-in-English and FlexKom-specific terms. To comply with the client’s deadlines we trained up a team of preferred linguists in each language, all of whom are subject-matter experts with more than 5 years’ experience, working simultaneously and sharing translation memory content automatically via the centralisation offered by i plus.

The Benefits

The bespoke API integration enabled FlexKom to gain access to translation memory technology – something which had not previously seemed possible. Thanks to our expertise and technical solution, the client was for the first time able to schedule large-scale translation projects which would otherwise have been skipped due to time constraints.

By the use of translation memories and glossaries, translate plus can ensure that linguists consistently use key phrasing and terminology to maintain FlexKom’s brand voice throughout all languages. Furthermore, FlexKom save money through the use of translation memory technology, as we charge discounted rates for repeated content – even when text is repeated between 3 disparate databases.

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