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Milestone Systems: translating UA & UI content with Catalyst, i plus and Trados

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The Client

Milestone Systems is the world’s leading provider of IP video management and surveillance software. Headquartered in Brøndby, Denmark, Milestone Systems is dedicated to providing greater safety and security for people, products and assets around the world. After fifteen years in business, through innovative open platform solutions, they have become the number one vendor both in the EMEA region and globally.

The Challenge

To support their wide range of products, Milestone Systems create software with associated user assistance (UA) and online help which must be translated into over 20 languages, including Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew and most European languages. They create source content in 3 different formats, each of which requires a different approach. Files generated by Author-it are in XML format, software UI strings are prepared via Alchemy Catalyst, and marketing material is written using Microsoft Word.

Like translate plus, Milestone Systems are Catalyst Developer/PRO users, which means they have been able to create their own glossaries compatible with this localisation tool. Their main challenge was to find a vendor who could use these glossaries effectively with Catalyst, while also applying it to their other file types, in order to achieve high-quality, consistent results while reducing costs.

The Solution

To support their wide range of products, Milestone Systems create software with associated user assistance (UA) and online help which must be translated into over 20 languages

As a software-independent language services company with our own TMS (translation management system) and a history of providing bespoke technical solutions integrated with third-party offerings, translate plus were the perfect choice.

From the Catalyst files provided by Milestone Systems, we automatically synchronise the glossary content via TBX (termbase exchange) into termbases compatible with both Trados Studio and i plus, with a similar process in place for synchronising Catalyst’s TTK format files via TMX (translation memory exchange).

This means we are able to achieve consistent linguistic quality across software UI, Authorit files and Word content, ensuring Milestone Systems receive the best results whilst making significant savings and avoiding time-consuming manual processes.

The Benefits

Save time. Flexible technical approach. Making linguistic assets compatible between Catalyst, Trados and i plus to ensure translation memories and glossaries can be applied no matter what the format or workflow required.

Seamless solution. Files submitted in multiple formats are handled within one centralised solution, for a complete 360° overview of all projects.

Cost savings. Translation memory leveraging across all file types ensures costs are kept low.

Quality gains. Guaranteed consistency across all file types and workflows.

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