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What Is Interpretation? How Does It Help Businesses? 


The business case for professional interpretation services grows stronger every year. As more companies take to the global stage and expand into new markets, the demand for interpretation and other language services continues to increase.

In this article, we explain what interpretation is as a language service and how it helps businesses go global.

What is interpretation?

The Webster dictionary defines the verb “interpret” as: “to explain or tell the meaning of:  present in understandable terms”. There are several ways to define interpretation but this definition provides a good overall description of the language service we are discussing in this article.

More specifically, interpretation (as a language service) translates spoken or signed words into another spoken or signed language.

This is a vocal or signed language service performed in real time by professional interpreters to facilitate communication between people of different language backgrounds. Interpretation is commonly used to translate conversations between two or more parties but it also plays an important one-way role for delivering messages to audiences.

Common scenarios where interpretation is required include:

There are two main types of interpretation used for different scenarios: consecutive and simultaneous.

  1. Simultaneous interpreting: The interpreter listens to the speaker and renders their message in the target language in real time.
  2. Consecutive interpreting: The interpreter allows the speaker to finish talking and, then renders their message once the speaker(s) have stopped or paused.

Traditionally, interpretation is performed face-to-face, but phone and video interpretation is increasingly common as supporting technologies become more reliable and affordable.

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When do businesses need interpretation services?

In today’s global business environment, companies can require interpretation for a variety of purposes:

The list could go on, but the point is that global business relies on seamless communication across all language barriers, and interpretation plays a key role in this. In any instance where conversations or messages translated in real time (or rendered in sign language) are needed, professional interpretation services are the solution.

Going global with interpretation services

Professional interpretation services can take a business through every stage of international growth and expansion. From the first meetings with potential investors, through to negotiations, contract signings and legal consultations. Interpretation essentially facilitates the flow of communication between different languages in situations where you simply cannot afford any misunderstanding (and where often first impressions matter).

Interpretation also plays a key role outside of the boardroom and top-level meetings; it can connect international brands with audiences in every target market. Press conferences and any other situations where a message needs to reach specific language audiences quickly and smoothly, can turn into successful events with good outcomes, thanks to the work of professional interpreters.

If your business often requires to liaise and meet up with international and foreign-speaking stakeholders, interpretation services could really help improve the flow of communication and avoid any costly misunderstandings during important situations and business meetings. Please complete the form on our contact page to speak to our interpretation team and discuss your needs.

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