Transforming your international marketing campaigns with transcreation services

Published on January 24th, 2017

Making it big in overseas markets sounds great but the marketing workload required is massive. You can’t simply run the same ads in every country and expect big things to happen.

It’s simply not economical to create 100% unique marketing campaigns for every nation you want to establish yourself in.

The answer is transcreation, or better still transcreation services: a creative approach to translating marketing material that allows you to build a consistent brand around the world.

So let’s take a look at how a good use of transcreation services is helping one of the biggest global brands around.


Why Coca-Cola turned to transcreation services

Last year, Coca-Cola announced its “One Brand” marketing campaign to the world. “Taste the Feeling” became the drinks company’s slogan and the aim was to create a consistent brand identity around the world, in a time when cola drinks consumption was on a decline.

The key to Coca-Cola’s long-term success is making itself the first brand people think of when it comes to fizzy drinks. Not only in the markets it’s already established in but those where it’s a lesser-known name and stronger competition exists.

We know Coca-Cola can do its marketing; it’s been doing a very good job of that for decades. However, the challenge with a “one brand” strategy is that language and cultural divides make it difficult to capture the same brand message in every target market.

This is why Coca-Cola turned to transcreation for its latest international marketing campaign.


“Taste the Feeling”

Central to Coca-Cola’s entire campaign was its new tagline: “Taste the Feeling”. Everything the company created for its new marketing efforts revolve around this tagline but the problems begin when you try to translate it.

“Taste the Feeling” is a complex slogan and its exact meaning is hard to describe, even in English. It’s a perfect example of how three simple words and our understanding of them can create such impact – it says so much without saying much at all.

The problem is this impact is lost in different languages. In Spanish, the direct translation would be something like “Proba el Sentemiento” but this doesn’t make much sense and it certainly doesn’t replicate the powerful wordplay of its English version.

So, instead of translating the tagline, Coca-Cola used transcreation services to come up with “Siente el Sabor”, which actually means feel the taste.


Translate the feeling, not the words

To create a “one brand” message for its global marketing campaign, Coca-Cola had to adapt its tagline in order to capture the same feeling. As you can see from the Spanish example we looked at before, translation would fail to do this and that powerful tagline would be lost on Spanish speakers.

Coca-Cola has taken the same approach with its advertising material in each country, too. Visit different versions of the Coca-Cola website and you’ll see different taglines, content themes, titles and images – all of which have been localised and transcreated for the local market.

By focusing on how to translate the feeling of their marketing message, rather than the words they use to describe it, Coca-Cola has managed to create one of the strongest “one brand” images around right now – one that stretches across most of the globe.

If your brand image is the focal point of your international marketing efforts, then transcreation services are here to help you capture the same impact across language and culture barriers. For more information about transcreation and other language services, get in touch with your team of experts today.

Posted on: January 24th, 2017