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The SEO translation checklist for multilingual websites

Creating and optimising a multilingual website is far more complex than running a single-language site. Aside from having to create different language versions of the same website, you have to work much harder to make sure your pages rank where they should, in the language they should.

To give you an idea of the steps you need to take when building a multilingual website and provide reference to help you cover the key steps, here’s an SEO translation checklist for the planning, development and optimisation of multilingual websites.

Research and planning for SEO translation

Even a single-language website can have dozens of target audiences to cater for, which requires extensive research and planning. This workload drastically multiplies once you start targeting foreign languages and you need to have the following steps covered:

Building a multilingual website

Now, we come to the stage of actually building a multilingual website and this is where SEO translation crosses borders with localisation, web development and various other aspects of your wider marketing strategy.

Technical SEO for multilingual sites

With your multilingual website up and running, your attention now turns to maintaining it for the best performance. Here are the key technical SEO essentials you need to think about for foreign-language websites.

Any questions?

If you’re unsure about any of the points we’ve covered in this article, please get in touch with our SEO translation team for further advice on optimising your multilingual website.

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