9 Qualities of Great Copy That Will Inspire Your Audience

Published on September 12th, 2022


Great copy inspires audiences to buy products and complete the other actions that achieve your business goals. Creating copy that moves people to spend money on services and consumer products, fill out online forms or complete other tasks is one of the biggest marketing challenges for companies.

Effective copywriting starts with understanding the qualities of great copy that strikes a chord with people and motivates them to spend or put effort into tasks they would not do of their own accord.

Great copywriting inspires

The key characteristic of great copy is that it inspires your target audience to take action. From a strategic perspective, every copywriting project should have a clear goal defined around a target action or set of actions you want your target audience to complete.

You might want them to: purchase a product, make a donation, visit your website, download an app or simply click through to the next page of your website.

Whatever action(s) you’re targeting, great copy inspires audiences to move from passive readers to active participants. As a general rule, the more demanding your target action is, the more your copy will motivate your audience, as they’ll view the reward as being worthy of the effort required.

If your copy does not incite excitement in your audience and motivates themto complete a purchase (or whatever action you are targeting), then it is not doing its job.

Qualities of copy that inspires readers

Inspiring people to take physical action with no more than a select choice of words is a big ask. Copywriting incorporates heavy amounts of psychology, behavioural economics, affective science (the study of emotions) and a variety of other disciplines to master the art of persuasion.

A complete list of the qualities great copy encompasses would have dozens, hundreds and more elements than can be possibly listed. However, if you can say that your copy has the following nine characteristics, you are on the right path to inspiring action in your audience:

  1. Clarity: Great copy makes your message 100% clear with zero ambiguity.
  2. Brevity: Concise, punchy copy that gets your message across in as few words as possible will make more impact.
  3. Relevance: Quality copy speaks to audiences’ desires and concerns with hyper-relevance.
  4. Motivation: To inspire action, you have to motivate audiences to the point where they will only be satisfied by completing your conversion goal.
  5. Persuasion: Closely related to motivation, persuasion not only convinces people to take action, but also eases any concerns or hesitation they may have.
  6. Problem-solving: Provides a solution to your audience’s problems and, in some cases, even creates or exaggerates a problem to build motivation.
  7. Emotion: Most purchase decisions are emotionally driven – not logically made – and quality copy intelligently uses emotional triggers to inspire.
  8. Influence: Authority and trust are essential if you want people to buy into your message.
  9. Actionable: Effective copy specifies the action your audience will take, how it is going to change their lives and makes it as easy as possible to complete.

From website and ad copywriting to email copy and brand slogans, effective copywriting makes an impact on audiences and inspires them to take action in order to change something about their lives.

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The value of expert copywriting services

Copywriting is one of the most challenging forms of content production. Moving people to take action with nothing more than carefully chosen words is an ambitious goal for any brand. However, the biggest brands excel at crafting messages that make an impact and motivate their audiences to buy, engage and develop a sense of loyalty.

Or, more accurately, the biggest brands invest in the best copywriting talent to craft these messages for them.

Copywriting is one of the oldest art forms in advertising and marketing, yet it remains one of the most difficult to master. This is not something you can have a stab at, or settle for “good enough” results if you want to intestine emotion and excite people about your offers. Quality copywriting makes the difference between passive audiences and active buyers so it is worth demanding the highest of standards.

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Posted on: September 12th, 2022