My internship experience at translate plus

Published on November 14th, 2014

As I sit here reflecting on my internship with translate plus, I can’t help but smile. The past six months have been both an amazing learning opportunity and a great deal of fun. The position has taught me to do what I can with what I have and has kept me on my toes for six months straight. There’s never a dull moment (okay, maybe during data collection), and I absolutely enjoy that.

The work as a marketing assistant intern at the company’s London office has allowed me to gain great experience in communications, marketing, design and more. I was responsible for the customer satisfaction survey, supported the sales team with events planning and lead generation, and assisted the marketing coordinator in the development of the German website as well as e-mail campaigns, social media, PR and case studies & fact sheets.

The internship has been an amazing experience, so different, exciting and challenging than I have expected it to be. As for every other fresh starter, my first week at translate plus consisted of a training that allowed me to get to know the people and their tasks within the company. This helped me not only to understand the overall workflow but also get to know my colleagues. And this highly multicultural and committed team is only one of the reasons that made my time here so great.

From then on, I had the great opportunity to assist and even be responsible for so many different things within marketing. I could not only expand my organisation and time management skills but also learn new approaches in B2B marketing, learn to use programs like InDesign, WordPress and Survey Monkey as well as improve my communication skills.

With the big support from my supervisor I learned to step out of my comfort zone by practicing and improving my English writing skills during the internship. Although it was a big challenge for me in the beginning, I am very grateful for the feedback and help that I had especially during the creation of my first blog post.

Overall, my internship experience has provided me with a newfound passion for communications and inspired me to explore new talents. translate plus and my supervisor have revived my love of learning and given me just about everything I could hope for in an internship. Not every intern can say that about their experience.


Posted on: November 14th, 2014