The Importance of Transcription Services in Business

Published on August 12th, 2022

transcription services

Transcription services are used by a wide range of businesses – in some cases, playing a key role in crucial functions while, in others, handling a variety of everyday tasks. Many companies simply cannot operate without reliable transcription. Yet the biggest change we have seen in recent years is a broader spectrum of businesses using this language service to improve performance in non-essential areas.

In this article, we look at the most common business types that need transcription for essential operations and some of the everyday tasks companies are increasingly using this service for.

Which businesses need transcription services?

First, let’s start by looking at some of the most common business types that rely on transcription services for essential operations. Companies in these industries/fields couldn’t operate in the same way without a reliable solution for converting speech into text.


Anything from interviews to court cases, public statements and parliament sessions.


Patient statements, medical procedures, lectures, meetings, international events, etc.

Science & technology:

Test logs, international meetings, conferences, etc.


Lecture notes, transcripts for videos, recorded lectures and other materials.


Audience research interviews, product testing, industry events, expert interviews.


Interviews, transcripts for public events, videos, statements and more.


Film, TV, radio and other entertainment media require a range of transcription services.


Customer feedback, focus groups, interviews, etc.

Content creators:

Video transcript, podcast transcripts, interviews, quotes, etc.

Video producers:

Video transcriptions, subtitles, captions, video translation, etc.


Transcriptions, subtitles and notes for online courses.

For some of these industries – in particular Law, Life Sciences, Science, Technology, etc. – transcription ensures the reliable transfer of information capable of changing lives, and 100% accuracy is essential. Any issues with transcription in legal or healthcare settings, for example, can have a significant impact on the lives of individuals or groups of people.

Likewise, journalists can face a string of legal ramifications for misquotations or misinterpretation of someone’s comments as a result of poor transcription.

For many companies, transcription is not only crucial for performing some of their most important functions, but also protects them from legal issues provided that the right level of quality is maintained.

What do businesses need transcription services for?

Transcription services are not only needed by the kind of specialist business types listed in the previous section. Businesses of all kinds rely on transcription for a range of everyday tasks so, in this section, we look at some of the most important use-cases:

Business meetings:

If you need a written account of everything that takes place in business meetings, transcription is the answer.


Any instance where spoken interviews take place – for news stories, market research, academia, legal purposes, etc.

Staff training:

From training videos to notes from meetings, customer interactions and all kinds of other material – all kinds of training content needs transcribing.

Disciplinary meetings:

Transcribing disciplinary meetings is important from a legal perspective.

Creative sessions:

Group meetings are great for creativity, but all the great ideas discussed during those need to be recorded.


Recording and transcribing sales calls for data insights and training purposes.

Customer service:

Recording phone calls to document customer issues, train staff and analyse customer experiences.


Transcribing audio and video content is crucial for search optimisation. It also improves engagement.


The first step of translating audio or video content is creating a transcription in the source language.


Likewise, the first step of subtitling or captioning a video is to create a transcription of the dialogue.

Today’s content-driven world is led by a boom in audio visual content, primarily video, but also reinforced by a surge in audio content, such as podcasts. This is an area where we have observed a strong growth in transcription services in recent years as content producers require a range of text solutions, including transcription, subtitling and video translation.

On the more traditional side of business, companies are increasingly using transcription services to improve performance outside the scope of digital marketing. For example, more companies request transcription services for business meetings, interviews, creative sessions, corporate events and a variety of group sessions where it is valuable and useful to have everything logged in text form.

In some cases, transcriptions play a legal role (e.g. disciplinary meetings) while, in others, they benefit participants by providing notes, reference points and important information for future use. For example, companies can transcribe creative sessions to log their best ideas, inspire future meetings and analyse how ideas develop into successful campaigns.

In any instance, where a business can benefit from having spoken words logged and stored for future use, transcription provides a solution.

If your business needs transcription services for different purposes, our team is ready to discuss your needs. Complete the form on our contact page with your project information and one of our team members will get back to you.

Posted on: August 12th, 2022