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How Much Better Is Professional Translation Than Google Translate?

Google Translate is one of the most popular translation tools used by companies and individuals alike, as it provides instant translations in multiple languages for both text and speech. On paper, Google Translate sounds like the perfect solution to language barriers but, in practice, the results can vary. The question we want to ask in this article is: how much better is professional translation than Google translation?

The pros & cons of Google Translate

Google Translate is an excellent tool for when you are on the go. For example, when you are trying to order food in a restaurant or want to quickly translate a newspaper headline.

The pros of Google Translate

The cons of Google Translate

Google Translate should not be used as a standalone translation solution for official purposes. Professional human translators use a variety of translation tools, including machine translation (similar to Google Translate), but language pros use more robust alternatives (i.e. technology, more advanced settings) and incorporate these tools into a professional translation process with a comprehensive review system to guarantee quality.

The pros & cons of professional translation

Professional translation is all about delivering results that are worth paying for, which is crucial for commercial purposes.

The pros of professional translation

The cons of professional translation

When translating content for commercial purposes or publication, you should always invest in professional translation services. A tool like Google Translate will not be reliable enough to use in scenarios where 100% accuracy is important and even the best algorithms fall far short of the output that professional translators are capable of delivering.

Invest in professional translation

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