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FMCG translation gives international brands a voice in diverse markets

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market is a demanding sector for everyone involved. Success relies on selling a constant stream of products, normally to international markets, while doing everything possible to keep the flow of goods moving – not only at the checkout, but also at every logistical pit stop along the way.

FMCG translation plays a key role in both the procurement of deals and the marketing of goods in each target market, giving international brands the voice they need to maximise sales around the world.

The role of FMCG translation in procurement

One of the most important roles of FMCG translation is the procurement process where strategic partnerships are forged, contract terms are negotiated and deals are signed. There is no place for language barriers or miscommunication at this stage of a partnership because any mistakes can derail the entire relationship and, in a number of cases, these issues are painstakingly resolved in the courts.

This stage of FMCG translation brings together a team of legal, technical and financial translators to ensure everybody knows where they stand before contracts are signed.

It is also important to have experts with experience in transport and logistics translation to ensure everything is in place and to maintain a consistency of flowing supply. Products need to arrive at their destination on time, on budget and all FMCG brands need to have a system in place that allows for rapid response to increased demand.

The role of FMCG translation in marketing

The other key role of FMCG translation focuses on maximising sales in every market through branding, targeted marketing and sales campaigns. Top international FMCG brands excel at making their products feel native to audiences in every market through translated, localised advertising campaigns that connect with people on a cultural level.

This is especially important for goods in the most competitive, consumer FMCG niches, such as food and drinks or household goods.

Not only are you competing against local and global brands, but you are positioning products as a part of people’s daily lives. These are products people buy for themselves and their family members so FMCG brands have to earn a place in their home by building a sense of trust, familiarity and belonging.

For more information on how our FMCG translation service regularly helps our FMCG clients boost their supply and sales of fast-moving consumer goods, please get in touch with us.

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