Why we’re excited about Artificial Intelligence

Published on October 13th, 2016


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dividing experts from all walks of life – there’s little doubt it will revolutionise human life, but the question is whether it will be to our benefit or to our demise.

Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking are among the megaminds warning that AI could spell the end for mankind. But not everyone is predicting the technological apocalypse; some of us are excited about the prospect of artificial intelligence, and that includes us here at translate plus.

AI will make multilingualism easier

One of the biggest concerns with AI is how many jobs it could take from humans. We’re not sure how much of a problem this will be, though. As a language services company, we’ve had technology trying to match what we do for decades already – the funny thing is, it hasn’t even come close yet and this isn’t likely to change any time soon.

Instead, we’re using that very technology to make it easier, faster and more productive to do our job.

Machine translation can’t match humans for quality or accuracy but it can make services like document translation, transcription and captioning faster. This will only become truer as AI improves how software can interpret language. As artificial intelligence matures, we’ll be using it increasingly for the first stage of many translations. It will speed up the process, allow us to reach quicker turnaround times and offer cheaper rates – all of which is passed on to our clients.

AI will change the way you market your business

The rise of digital marketing has been the biggest corporate revolution for more than a century. The problem is that it comes with a massive workload that’s spiralling out of control. First, we had search optimisation to think about – and then content marketing, social media, the return of e-mail and countless other aspects added to your digital marketing requirements.

We’re at a point where marketing a business is so intense that you have little choice other than outsourcing to a specialist agency. However, marketing is about to be turned on its head once again, this time by artificial intelligence.

Chat bots are the biggest talking point in digital marketing right now and they’re only going to become more important. In truth, the technology is pretty crude at this stage, but they’re already changing the way people interact with brands. More of these interactions are going to be automated, which means less work and a cheaper process for your business.

Meanwhile, one of the most demanding aspects of modern marketing is content production. Yet some the biggest names in press are already using artificial intelligence to write news articles for them – sure, you still need a team of editors to get real quality but AI is taking out much of the legwork.

There’s also AI web-design software in the works and a growing list of automated marketing tools hitting the scene, all of which is making marketing a more streamlined process – one that’s faster, cheaper and demands less manpower to make things happen. And that’s not to mention software that can already write and send your e-mails for you. Just imagine how much time you can get back by kissing goodbye to those morning and afternoon e-mail sessions.

So we’re not buying into the fear about artificial intelligence ruining industries. We think it’s going to change the way businesses operate for the better. We’ve seen technology do the same thing in our industry for decades, even though it threatens to compete against us; we fully expect this to continue for us and start happening in a much wider range of industries as AI improves. For that reason, we’re excited about the prospect of artificial intelligence and we think you should be too!

Posted on: October 13th, 2016