Desktop publishing services: five industries that can’t do without it

Published on May 22nd, 2017


Desktop publishing services isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind when you think of language services, but creating multilingual and multimedia content is a priority for any brand with global business ambitions.

The fact is any company looking to expand overseas will probably need desktop publishing services to some extent – but today we’re highlighting five industries that simply can’t do without them.


#one: Heavy machinery design and production need desktop publishing services

Heavy machinery is a complex, technical industry that involves strict regulations across the entire design, production and sales process. Even after the sale, problems with equipment can cause major headaches for a string of companies involved in the development, sale and use of these heavyweight products.

With design, sourcing of materials, construction, marketing and subsequent sales taking place across many countries, every documentation needs perfect translation, but also consistent style in terms of presentation.

From multilingual desktop publishing services like CAD designs to assembly instructions and user safety warnings, it’s amazing how much documentation is involved throughout this process. Mistakes during dtp services cannot be tolerated either when safety and serious money are both on the line.


#two: Medicine and pharmaceuticals need dtp services

Another high-stakes industry is medicine and pharmaceuticals, which has a lot in common with heavy machinery production. The bulk of our desktop publishing services for this industry involves working with medical equipment departments to ensure product designs, documentation and packaging are perfectly translated and formatted for every target language.

Again, mistakes are not an option in this industry.

Other areas where multilingual desktop publishing services is important for this industry include medicine packaging and health campaign materials (posters, leaflets, etc.).


#three: Consumer electronics

Consumer electronics brings dtp services and CAD design element into play once again and there’s also a heavy emphasis on user safety, of course. However, this industry also brings extra importance to the branding and marketing side of things.

Consumer electronics production is an aggressive business, where speed and cost are of the utmost importance. This makes quality control a real challenge – not only in the design room but also on the factory floor, which tends to be in another country. Which makes design and production materials a top priority for consumer electronics companies.

Then you have the branding side of things, where you have to consider product packaging, advertising material, website design and anything else with the company logo on it. Consistent style and voice are essential for any consumer brand and this brings a different kind of challenge to desktop publishing services in these industries.


#four: Global logistics

Global logistics companies have a challenge on their hands when it comes to training their fleet of international staff. Everyone needs to be on the same page, following company policy but also considering any local legal requirements there may be in any given country or territory.

This requires extensive training material – in most cases, manuals and videos – which need to be translated and formatted for every native language their global workforce comes with. Not to mention the international marketing campaigns these companies need to take to the world – which brings us on to our final industry.


#five: International marketing

Increasingly, the only marketing campaigns that make sense in today’s business climate are global ones. Sadly, the complex art of marketing makes it characteristically difficult to translate and dtp services are something modern marketing agencies can’t do without.

Whether they choose to do this in-house with their own linguistic experts or outsource to a company like translate plus, no international marketing strategy is going to meet targets without desktop publishing and a range of other language services involved.


It wasn’t easy to narrow down this list to five industries. Architecture, aviation, construction, engineering and a long list of other industries could have made this list. Essentially, any industry that involves the design, production/construction and marketing of a product is likely to need multilingual desktop publishing services.

Posted on: May 22nd, 2017