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Consumer Electronics Translation: Why Is It Important? 

consumer electronics
consumer electronics

Consumer electronics translation could be the most global of all language services. With an estimated 6.6 billion people around the world owning a smartphone, the global population of consumer electronics customers is immense – and the vast majority of purchases involve devices made in overseas countries.

The modern world as we know it simply would not function without consumer electronics translation, which says a lot about the scale of its role in society. However, our focus in this article is on why this language service is so important to the companies that make and sell these products, as well as for the customers buying them.

What is consumer electronics translation?

Consumer electronics translation converts a wide range of documentation and other content for consumer-grade electronics goods from one language to another. Within the retail space, consumer electronics is one of the most global industries led by mobile phones but also largely driven by computers, smart devices, gaming and a variety of audio and visual products.

These products are sold to consumers around the world and the sales process requires a lot of documentation at various stages of the customer cycle. Here are some of the most common resources that require consumer electronics translation:

Aside from translation, this documentation also needs adapting to meet individual market requirements. For example, different socket voltages or other like requirements for safety guidelines. Some documentation may require localisation for specific markets too, in order to deal with issues like text expansion or layout shifts.

Why is consumer electronics translation important?

Consumer electronics brands are selling to international audiences across a variety of languages and cultural backgrounds. This starts with the marketing for each product and carries through to the purchase and post-sale experience, including your customer service resources and your follow-up marketing campaigns to encourage the next purchase.

Consumer electronics translation plays three key roles throughout this cycle.

Providing essential information to everyone

Above all, consumer electronics translation ensures everyone who buys a product has the essential information they need. If used incorrectly, any electronic item can cause serious harm to users or damage to property so the priority is always keeping customers safe. This exchange of information is crucial for protecting product manufacturers from legal issues and negative PR attention.

User manuals and safety instructions are not only there to protect consumers though. They enhance the customer’s experience by helping them get the best out of their products, use them to their best capabilities, customise them to their personal tastes and fix any monitor issues they may experience.

Addressing the needs of local consumers

When selling a single product to a diverse range of consumers, sellers have to understand that the product can mean something very different to each audience. The latest iPhone means something very different to the average consumer in affluent markets than those with lower average disposable incomes.

Meanwhile, brands like Samsung and LG are perceived differently in their home market of South Korea than in other territories. Even the role of the smartphone in everyday life can vary across different markets and this is true for all major consumer electronics goods. This is why it’s important that companies address these aspects in their respective marketing campaigns.

Beyond user manuals and documentation, consumer electronics translation can help companies craft the right message for every target audience.

Delivering quality customer experiences to everyone

As mentioned earlier, documentation can enhance customer experience for consumer goods users, but this is not where translation ends. Customer support is an integral part of the consumer electronics experience, and companies must ensure that users in every market have access to quality support when they need it.

This should include translation of online documentation that customers can access from anywhere. The most successful brands also provide extensive phone support, run social media channels in each target language and may also support user forums for customers to help each other out.

Brands that provide extensive customer support coverage in local languages stand the best chance of winning more customers and holding on to them in each target market.

Do you need a more robust consumer electronics translation process?

Given the scale of consumer electronics translation, developing the most efficient translation process possible is vital for manufacturers and retailers.

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