Boardroom Essentials for International Business Success

Published on February 10th, 2016

As the business world becomes increasingly connected, boardrooms everywhere have access to a global stage. It’s an exciting time to be part of a business with international ambitions, that’s for sure. But the stakes are rising at an incredible rate and it takes more than you might think to make it on a worldwide scale.

International business success starts in the boardroom – and that means making the right impression with the overseas firms, partners and investors who can help you take that next big step. However, you can’t be everywhere at once, which calls for some boardroom essentials so you can make your presence known on a wider scale.

Video conferencing

Once you break down those borders in the business world, you’ll find corporate travel becomes more difficult. You can’t go from morning business meetings in New York to afternoon gatherings in Hong Kong – at least not in person. But you can turn your boardroom into an international meeting room with a solid video conferencing setup.

telephone interpreting

boardroom video system

We’re not talking Skype calls over a dodgy Wi-Fi connection here either, although Skype does offer a business package that aims to raise the bar. You have countless software options to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Then you have hardware to think about – from mobile devices all the way up to Ultra HD displays for your business video meetings.

Telephone interpreting

Face-to-face video calls are a great way to connect your business to global opportunities, but that won’t help you get past the language barriers of corporate giants like China or rising markets in South America and Southeast Asia. Don’t let that put you off though, because telephone interpreting quickly turns your video-conferencing system into a multilingual meeting room.

So now you can make the most of business opportunities all over the world and speak to the connections you need most in their languages.

Multilingual cloud software

Cloud software is nothing new to businesses in 2016, but the same language barriers you face with international video calls have a knock-on effect with your software choices. Furthermore, as far as cloud computing has come over the years, multilingual software isn’t as widely available as you might like.

This would put a serious dent in your international business efforts too, if it weren’t for software localisation. The fact is, you don’t need to wait for multilingual software to take off: you can have it made and localised for the languages and cultures most important to your business. That’s not a bad way to connect yourself to boardrooms around the world or to prove to the big players in your industry that you mean business.

Groupware/Collaborative software

There are countless cloud applications and tools any international boardroom could need, but one thing you should guarantee is on your shopping list is some collaborative software. Also known as Groupware, these applications connect teams from multiple locations, allowing them to work on a single project – anytime, anywhere.

There are plenty of collaborative apps and software packages on the market that solve a wide range of teamwork problems that modern businesses face. Whether any of these solve the particular challenges your international boardroom faces is another question entirely – and, once again, you may have to consider going custom.

The fact is it takes more than an internet connection to really connect with the people your business needs to make it internationally. You might get away with Skype calls and PowerPoint presentations in the early days as a small business, but sooner or later, you’ll need a boardroom setup that wows investors, partners and other key players, from the very first conference call.

It’s not merely a question of hosting more productive meetings, presentations and remote work sessions, but of proving you’re a business that doesn’t compromise on the essentials.

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Posted on: February 10th, 2016