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7 ways legal translation can save your business

Legal translation sounds like a niche service that only a select few types of businesses might need. However, in today’s globalised environment, every brand targeting multilingual audiences needs a variety of legal translation services to protect themselves in multiple markets.

In a business world where start-ups can become global empires and anyone can build an international brand from their bedroom, rapid growth often comes at the expense of expertise. This can be problematic in many ways and it is no exaggeration to say that legal translation can save your business from lawsuits, accountability and expensive settlements.

Legal translation protects international brands

Legal translation does not simply involve translating documents for court cases or resources for lawyers. It is the first line of legal defence for any business operation in foreign-speaking markets where regulations and your obligations to them can vary greatly.

Here are seven ways legal translation can save your business from potential disasters while operating internationally:

  1. Compliance: Above all, you need robust knowledge of your legal obligations in each market and there is zero room for misunderstanding. Professional legal translation can provide you with all of the knowledge and documentation your business needs, in your language, to ensure you are compliant everywhere.
  2. Protection: Every business needs to take steps to protect itself with legal frameworks such as contracts, terms and conditions, privacy policies and more – all of which need to be compliant with local regulations and translated with 100% accuracy to stand up in court, should you need them.
  3. Resolution: By providing customers with accurate, translated documentation (think T&Cs, safety warnings, user manuals, online documentation etc.), you reduce the volume of customer complaints while making it easier and faster to resolve the cases that you do receive.
  4. Defence: By covering every base with certified, accurate legal translation, you have the best possible defence in any cases where organisations or individuals unfairly bring legal action against you.
  5. Creative protection: With intellectual property translation, you can provide the best possible protection for your creative ideas and innovations – and identify potential risks in specific markets.
  6. Fulfilment: By ensuring every contract is 100% accurately translated, you can rest assured that the terms will be fulfilled and, in any cases where they are not, you will have the necessary legal backing from the courts.
  7. Expansion: With a solid legal translation framework in place, you can expand into new markets with confidence, knowing that you will stay on the right side of the law and protect yourself from any unwarranted implications.

Before you enter any new market, the first thing you should understand with clarity is your legal obligations in terms of operating as a business and subsequent topics such as consumer rights and advertising regulations.

With this knowledge, you can establish a legal translation framework that enables your business to remain compliant in every market and also protect you from the illegal activities of others.

What kind of legal translation does your business need?

If you need some advice on which types of legal translation your business needs, you can call our legal translation specialists on +44 (0)20 7324 0950 for a walkthrough of the key essentials.

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