Database internationalisation

If your organisation is looking at translation for the first time – having perhaps decided you are now ready to tackle a new geographical market – you may find yourself in a situation where you have a custom-developed database application, such as a catalogue or PIM (product information management) system, which interacts with a website or other customer-facing system in some way.

It’s not uncommon to discover that such a database application was developed for monolingual use only, at a time when other languages and markets had not yet been considered, or when these were future considerations which were put to one side in the rush to complete the original application.

Achieving your goalsIn such cases, translate plus can provide consultancy to discuss the technical and process options with your IT architects, developers, database administrators and others who may need to be involved. Whether your database is SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, SQLite and others, we can advise on internationalising the data structure, whether that involves adding language-specific columns to existing tables, new localisation-specific tables, supporting draft and approved translation content, or adopting new character encoding and collation strategies to ensure that output on websites or to other channels correctly displays localised character sets in your required languages.

We can also advise on internationalising data structures for CMS (content management system) back-ends such as WordPress, Sitecore and SharePoint repositories, and can show you the options for configuring a translation workflow, to avoid manual copy and paste by either your users or your IT administrators.

By internationalising your systems up-front with our assistance, making them ready to support multiple locales and a robust localisation workflow, you will save many headaches, time-bottlenecks and costs once the translation process is then initiated.


  • Consultancy to discuss the technical and process options
  • We can advise on internationalising the data structure
  • We can work with any database; SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, SQLite or another
  • We can show you the options for configuring a translation workflow


  • Translation workflow bottlenecks avoided, saving time
  • Peace of mind that your database can support multilingual content
  • Reduced costs when you do come to translating content
  • Custom-made solutions, working with any database or CMS

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