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As a software-independent organisation, we are able to offer our clients a range of technical solutions to meet their needs. We have a fantastic in-house team of architects and developers, enabling us to tailor our technology to your individual requirements, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive and streamlined workflow available.

Whether it's integration with your CMS, analysis of complex CAD drawings, batch processing or unusual file types, we have the solution. We never say "no" to a client, and if the answer doesn't exist yet, then we look into creating it for you!

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We take cyber security seriously and work
with NCC Group to ensure our
external facing systems are secure.

  • Apps for Android, iOS & Microsoft Office

    Apps to make life easier

    Pick the app that's right for your platform and your way of working.

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  • Authoring & Publishing Solutions

    Authoring & publishing solutions

    Our cloud-based i plus platform supports template-based authoring and CMS functionality for those clients who require it.

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  • Automated file conversion & processing

    Automated file conversion & processing

    We pride ourselves on being able localise content in any file format, applying translation memory technology wherever possible, to ensure our clients receive the most consistently high quality as part of the fastest and most cost-effective process.

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  • Automatic and Machine Translation

    Automatic & machine translation

    We’ve created MT plus: a flexible automatic-translation technology which can be integrated into an existing workflow, incorporating a human post-edit stage if required.

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  • Database Internationalisation

    Database internationalisation

    By internationalising your systems up-front with our assistance, making them ready to support multiple locales and a robust localisation workflow, you will save many headaches, time-bottlenecks and costs once the translation process is then initiated.

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  • design plus

    Easily edit text in Adobe InDesign files - without the need for InDesign.

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  • Our Technology - i plus

    i plus®

    i plus allows you to centralise all your translation requirements, no matter how complex, into one manageable and easy-to-use platform.

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  • Integration

    Integration with databases and CMS applications

    If you have a database, CMS or DMS containing multilingual content, translate plus can help you achieve a truly streamlined localisation process.

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  • translate online

    translate online

    translate online gives you the flexibility to choose the best process for your business, while benefiting from advanced translation memory technology.

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  • Translation Memory & Alignment

    Translation memory & alignment

    Improve consistency, increase quality, save time and reduce costs!

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