Globalisation audits

Are you thinking about taking your business international? Or perhaps you operate in a number of different countries but have never really thought about a globalisation strategy?

As companies grow, it is often a case of adding additional languages as and when needed, on an ad-hoc basis. Even with the best planning, this can result in a decentralised communication process, elaborate translation workflows and poor quality, often with local markets operating on their own. This results in a labour- and cost-intensive strategy that can often lead to brand inconsistencies as well as missed opportunities to reach a wider customer base as resources are ineffectively used.

Globalisation audittranslate plus work with both large and small businesses to assess the current state of their  global and local strategy to provide an in-depth report containing recommendations on how to increase revenue, make the localisation processes more efficient and save money.

By analysing your business’s localisation strategy, we are able to highlight the key areas where you can improve performance, achieve better quality results and streamline the whole process, from planning the best way to enter a new market to creating an internal review stage for your translated content. This ensures that you are maxmising your potential revenue opportunities in your current markets as well as making the best possible impact when entering a new market.


  • Assess the current state of your global and local strategy
  • In-depth report with recommendations
  • Understand how to enter a new market for maximum ROI
  • Achieve higher quality and more consistent results


  • Streamline your localisation process
  • Save time and money with more efficient workflows
  • Increase revenue with better quality results
  • Achieve outstanding brand reception in new markets

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