Translation & localization

Whether you require a technical document to be translated or a marketing campaign to be localised, being able to communicate effectively with your target audience is essential for any growing business.

Using our vetted network of over 15,000 industry-specialised linguists and best-in-class technology, we work with over 1,000 clients across a wide range of sectors to create consistent and engaging brand messaging across international markets.

Japanese advertisingYour dedicated project manager will work with you to promote consistent terminology and ensure that stylistic preferences are in keeping with your brand message across all languages – as well as using the latest translation management technology to deliver the highest quality whilst passing on great savings to you.

When it comes to written translation, there are certain steps which translate plus take to ensure the highest possible quality:

  • We only ever use mother-tongue translators. This is essential to ensure the most natural-reading target text: it will seem like original copy, and won't "sound like a translation".
  • We use in-country linguists. If the target audience is in Spain, we'll use a translator in Spain; but if the text is for Spanish speakers living in the US, we'll use a US-based translator. That way, you get the most relevant translation possible.
  • Our translators' subject-area specialisms will match your requirements. We cover thousands of fields, from advertising to zoology, and everything in between, to make sure that the terminology and style will be right, no matter how specialised your source text.

We offer translation into and out of more than 200 languages, comprising a total of over 500 language combinations, and we can handle any file format.

Our global network of translators spans 100 countries and, of course, many different cultures. If you require translation into a particular language variant, such as German targeted specifically for a Swiss audience, just let us know.

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  • Mother-tongue translators
  • In-country linguists
  • Subject-area specialist linguists


  • Most natural-reading target text
  • Most relevant translations possible
  • Terminology and style specific to your industry

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