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In a world of fast-paced expectations, you need translation services that can react as quickly as you do. translate plus can translate up to 100 words in just 20 minutes while ensuring that your express content has the same high-quality standards as you would expect from any project with us.

translate now is our game-changing service which allows fast translation without compromising on quality. Your content will be translated and reviewed by our specialist linguists and we will apply the same strict checks and standards as with all our projects.

Your industry may demand quick response times, you may need to hit a deadline, or your document may be small, and you’d like to obtain the translation quickly – whatever the reason, we can guarantee that with translate now, we can meet your requirements. Our experienced linguists translate exclusively into their native language and we only work with subject matter experts.

Ordering couldn’t be easier: simply get in touch and our team will set everything up for you. We can deliver translated content via i plus or straight back to your inbox, so that you can pick it up as soon as it’s ready.

We strongly believe in providing the solution that’s right for you. So, if we believe that your translation requires a different approach – for example, if it’s a pharmaceutical translation that should first go through several approval stages for legal reasons – we will let you know and discuss our full service options with you.

As leading technology providers, we develop all our software in-house and our services are designed to use these tools to deliver exactly what our clients need. Standard quick online translation tools do not consider subject areas, client-specific terminology or localised expressions and require you to copy and paste text, losing formatting – but with translate now you can be sure that corners will not be cut. Our years of experience mean that we can offer this express service while still passing on the benefits of our time and cost saving workflows.

To find out more about translate now or to submit your first request, simply contact us.


  • Text translated within 20 minutes
  • Optimised with translation memory
  • Any file type and format


  • Receive high-quality translations – quickly
  • Save time by avoiding copy and paste
  • Achieve consistency through the use of your client-specific terminology

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